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To Kalimac_lalala, the deceased.  
12:02am 11/11/2006
Why do I keep going back
to the past
the forgotten past
where memories were left
and hearts were broken
and people scorned
and criticised
and thrown down
to the ground
and torn to shreds
and stripped of sanity
and made to wonder
what was it they did wrong

Why do I keep dwelling on
what they did behind my back?
don't they realise
we have feelings too
no matter how digital
no matter how distanced
we aren't all just naive.

Roses are red
but who cares?
violets are black
like those poor tortured souls
sugar tastes bitter
like the forbidden fruit I tasted
and i really hated it.

And I wanna go back just once more
but I'm scared of myself.
    Can you feel a little love? - - Linkeyy
One of those times where I hate getting old.  
03:12pm 10/11/2006
One day after my birthday and I won't get to go see it. Damn.

Excuse me...immagocry. =`(
I feel GAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!GAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
I'm rocking out to Santa Fe / RENT Company
    Can you feel a little love? - - Linkeyy
If omgfifikins ever reads this...  
12:45am 04/11/2006
Direct kimioftheorange here because I would like her to read it too.

It was a bitch move for you and her to talk behind my back. And especially Kimi, who claimed to *love* the One Tear for y-o-u storey, but then you shoot off at Fifi about this and that and how I had some things wrong...Listen. People have their own opinions about stuff, and people aren't entirely obsessed over the Johns' sex life, so they don't exactly know when Linnell actually would slap Flans' crotch, if he would...OK?

Kimioftheorange! You read the chapter where I said not to sugar-coat it! Why didn't you say something then? I understand that you have your private chats with Fifi, but if she posted it...then it's not really private anymore, is it?

And obsessical! Not everyone you see on the strets walks around using the wored "obsessical." OK? I DIDN'T KNOW. Get off my case.

Jeez you guys. Manda's right...TMBG fans are the most critical. Shesh.
I feel like tacos -- and shit
I'm rocking out to My internal radio's turned off.
    2 dreamers - Can you feel a little love? - - Linkeyy
Like our soul sisters and our soul brothers  
12:28am 18/10/2006
Stupid me, I found out just today dear Martinell (Martin Gore) is vegetarian, just like lil'ol me.

So you see...we agree.

My boyfriend came back from his cruise trip, and showered me with kisses on Myspace. So I felt special.

And I think my friend hates my guts now. Though I'm not sure why.

So...I'm signing off now, so...
goodnight lovers!

Sweet dreams in DM slash land

I feel happy that another day is gonehappy that another day is gone
I'm rocking out to Stardust / Martin Gore
    2 dreamers - Can you feel a little love? - - Linkeyy

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